Constanza Making Huge Splash With Atlanta

Photo courtesy of Kyle Hess

The fifth Gwinnett Brave player to make an appearance in the big leagues this season is Jose Constanza. The former Gwinnett outfielder has been up with the Atlanta Braves before and his presence is always felt. Constanza is batting .400 with four hits in his first 10 at-bats, including two runs scored and one RBI for the Braves this season. However, since re-joining the team two days ago, he is 4-for-7 with two runs scored and an RBI in his two starts.

The Dominican has fired up the Atlanta offense as the Braves had lost eight straight games before the former G-Braves left fielder started a game. Now the Braves have won two straight games since Constanza entered the starting line-up against St. Louis.

For the season with the G-Braves, Constanza batted .288 with 40 hits, 22 runs scored, five doubles, four triples, 15 RBI, eight stolen bases and 53 total bases in just 36 games.

Photo courtesy of Leslie Watts

The highlight of the season for Constanza occurred in April after he was demoted from Atlanta following three games and three pinch-hit appearances with the Major League club. In his first game with Gwinnett, Constanza arrived in Norfolk for the final game of the series and made an immediate impact. He actually drove in the tying run in the ninth inning that completed a seven-run ninth inning comeback. Then, the left fielder delivered the game-winning triple in the 12th inning for an unprecedented Gwinnett victory.

So far, Constanza joins four former 2012 G-Braves players in Major League Baseball; Drew Sutton (Tampa Bay Rays), Cory Gearrin (Atlanta Braves) and J.C. Boscan (Atlanta Braves). Mauro Gomez was traded during the off-season from the Braves 40-man roster, but he did make an appearance with the Boston Red Sox this season.

Jose Constanza is the fifth but certainly won’t be the last Gwinnett Brave to experience big league baseball. The future is very bright inside the Braves organization, especially when you boast a first place club like Gwinnett (32-21) does presently. One way or another, the cream always rises to the top and a handful of G-Braves are pushing the envelope as I speak. Who will be next? Only time and Atlanta’s needs will tell.

Photo courtesy of Kyle Hess

By: Tony Piraro

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