Video: Call Me…Tyler Pastornicky’s Walk-up Music

The first day Tyler Pastornicky arrived at Coolray Field, he made one simple request: His walk-up song had to be, “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen which was inspired by the Harvard baseball team (video above), as their viral video was motivation enough for Pastornicky to make the change.

The original official video…

The Harvard baseball team performed an epic video lisping that has since gone viral across the internet, including many imitators across YouTube and other social media sites.

Pastornicky has been on a tear since joining the Gwinnett Braves. The silky, smooth shortstop is batting .255 with 26 hits, 11 doubles, 12 RBI, 37 total bases, three stolen bases and a .636 slugging percentage in just 102 at-bats. Who knows? Maybe it was “Call Me Maybe” inspiring him in his first at-bats from Coolray Field in 2012.

In fact, Pastornicky recorded the most hits in one day by any G-Brave hitter this season (4) amidst a doubleheader when he was still walking up to “Call Me Maybe.” Maybe…the song was more powerful than he imagined.

Photo courtesy of Kyle Hess

Pastornicky has since changed his walk-up song, but not because he was doing poorly with it, or at-all ashamed of his comical genius. So many baseball players are so concerned with image and what makes them marketable now-a-days. Nevertheless, it’s nice to see a player like Pastornicky who can laugh at himself and just enjoy making people laugh.

By: Tony Piraro


Reblogged this on 15th of June and commented:
Love this song. Love how they did it.

Yes, they obviously have some “creative genius” attending Harvard and all…Thanks for the comment.

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