Breaking: Jose Constanza Promoted to Atlanta Braves

Photo courtesy of Kyle Hess

The man, Jose Constanzawho just broke Gwinnett’s franchise record hit-streak at 22 total games, surpassing both Barbaro Canizares and Felix Pie, is now on his way to the Atlanta Braves….again. This is nothing new for the Braves left fielder, as this is the third time this season Constanza will drop by Atlanta. With the recent injury to Matt Diazan opening has arisen and Atlanta is in desperate need of a bat. Who better than the Gwinnett all-time hit-streak leader himself?

This season Constanza has been the catalyst to the Gwinnett Braves offense, as he leads the International League in hitting with a .324 batting average. The speedster has registered 91 hits, 43 runs scored, nine doubles, four triples, one home run, 23 RBI, 111 total bases, 29 walks and 11 stolen bases, alongside his team-leading .386 on-base percentage.

Photo courtesy of Kyle Hess

Constanza is batting .250 with the Atlanta Braves this season, including eight hits and four runs scored in 32 at-bats. The value of Constanza is not only recognized in the batters box, but he is an exceptional defender that has saved his pitching staff countless runs this season.

The Braves players are making a play to win it all this season, the future is important, but so too is winning a World Series this season, in the final year of arguably the greatest third baseman of all-time in the form of Chipper Jones. Constanza will provide a much-needed spark to the offense and pitching staff, but his contributions will not be measured by his stats, but by the Braves win-loss record with him in the line-up.

By: Tony Piraro

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