Video: Jose Yepez Has Bieber Fever

The Gwinnett Braves catcher Jose Yepez had a difficult time selecting his walk-up music this season. In fact, the modest man asked me at one point to have no music when he walked to the plate if he had a successful day with the silence. However, as most parents understand, they would do anything for their kids and Yepez is no different.

Days later, Yepez approached me and said the following: “My son came up to me this morning and said, ‘Daddy, if you want the heat, you have to bring the Bieber,’ and the rest is history,” said Yepez.

Photo courtesy of Kyle Hess

That is devotion to your children, risking verbal abuse from your teammates, coaches, etc in the clubhouse. However, the catcher took it all in stride and has been stellar ever since the musical change. Currently, the G-Braves catcher has the fifth highest batting average on the team (.272) alongside his 44 hits, 15 runs scored, 14 doubles, three home runs, 23 RBI, 67 total bases, 18 walks to just 22 strikeouts and .777 OPS, including two game-winning hits along the way in 2012.

One way or another, the musical choices of these players has very little to do with how they perform on the field. Nevertheless, the music is more about building some last minute confidence on their way to plate while providing them comfort in a song that pumps them up. Walk-up music is a great way to understand the type of person and mentality that player has when playing the game. No matter what the song choice may be, it always makes for an interesting response.

By: Tony Piraro


Love it! Whatever it takes to get the “W”. Go Braves!

Atta Boy Jose ! I think he needs a pay increase

Way to Jose!!! Anything for the son!!!

Amazing a proud papa:)

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