G-Braves Win Thriller, 4-3

Brandon Beachy

Did you have any trouble getting loose today?

BB: “I got loose a lot quicker than expected it to, especially how I felt the last few times out.”

Do you feel like you’re making progression? Like this is the next step in rehab?

BB:“I would have liked to been better tonight (Saturday, June 8). I didn’t control my fastball very well, but the other stuff (was good). I threw some pretty quality pitches, breaking balls and changeups so I can hang my hat on that for now”

Did your command get better as the game went on? Is it taking a little while to get going?

BB:“I felt better today physically than I have in the past few days. It was coming out easier and when that happens it usually takes a little bit to control myself and get down in the zone. It took me a little bit longer than I would have liked. I was pitching behind a lot and it ended up hurting me that one at bat (homer to Chen).”

What pitch did he hit out (Chun Chen)?

BB:“Fastball. I fell behind 2-0, tried to comeback, but it didn’t result.”

What the take away from the game?

BB:‘I threw some quality pitches, that’s the positive to look at. I threw way to many pitches and that goes back to my fastball command early on. I walked some guys and was behind in about every count. It’s really not conducive for success.”

What are you looking to accomplish in your (potential) last rehab next week?

BB:“I want to command my fastball a little bit better. I’d like to be a little more efficient. Number one will take care of number two.”

Has the injury taken you a step back from the control issues you corrected in 2012?

BB:“Coming back through this process, I’m fighting a lot of the mechanical things that took me years to overcome. And now this (elbow injury), I’ve had a few control problems. Especially early on in the game, and that’s something I dealt with in 2011. My stuff is good, but you have to be a little more efficient with it.”

Matt Pagnozzi

Describe the last inning?

MP:“It was wild. It was a total team effort. It was exciting. Winning ball games is always fun. When the whole team has a part in the comeback, it’s always more fun.”

What was Columbus Clippers starter Trevor Bauer (7IP, 6K) doing to get outs?

MP:“He was changing speeds a little bit. I tip my cap to him for that. But, I felt like quite a few of our guys had good at bats against him. We just weren’t getting any hits up there against him. I liked what I saw in a lot of the guys at bats.”

With good at bats all game, did you feel like the hits would eventually come?

MP:“Yeah, that was our exact atttude. We felt like we were having good at bats and sometimes when the results aren’t there you have to keep having good at bats. That was our approach throughout the rest of the game. We felt like the momentum was building. “

When did you feel like Gwinnett was going to win the game?

MP: “When Cunningham tied it. We feel like we are always in it. We are always capable of scoring runs quickly, so we never feel like we are out of it.”

Gwinnett Braves continue their series with the Columbus Clippers, Sunday at 2:05 PM. LHP Sean Gilmartin will take the mound for the G-Braves.


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