New to the Mix – Andrea Sadtler

This offseason, the G-Braves have brought in eight new staff members. To get fans more acclimated to the recently added staff, we will be having weekly staff features here on the blog. Up next we have our new Senior Corporate Partnerships Executive, Andrea Sadtler.

How did you end up with the G-Braves and what previous sports experience, if any, got you to the position you currently hold?

I worked for the Chicago Sky (WNBA) right out of college doing ticket sales then was offered a position with Feld Entertainment selling sponsorship. Really enjoy corporate sales and sponsorship so wanted to continue that with the G-Braves. So, after I took the summer off to recover from wedding planning, quitting a job, moving, etc. I applied for the job with the G-Braves.

As a new member of the staff, what are you looking forward to most when it comes to working for a new team?

I am looking forward to all of the new people I will meet—coworkers, partners and others in the community.

What is your dream job in sports and how does it compare to what you wanted to be as a kid?

I can’t remember ever having a dream job growing up so I have turned my love for playing sports into working in sports. My “dream job” has changed drastically over the last few years as I have changed jobs, teams/organizations and had different responsibilities. So, I don’t want to limit myself on what I think I will like the most or better and instead I just focus on the aspects of my current job that I love.

We asked each new staff member a number of “This or That” questions to find out some things you might not figure out by just looking at the online staff bios.

Andrea…or Ande as she is known around the office picked Nick Carter and the Backstreet Boys over Justin Timberlake’s N’ Sync, The Sandlot over the Mighty Ducks and Ninja Turtles over the Power Rangers.

When it comes to her taste of Adam Sandler movies, she prefers the sweet golf swing of Happy Gilmore to the Snack Pack eating Billy Madison. If she was a member of a TV Sitcom family, it would be the Seaver’s from The Growing Pains.

An Indiana native and Colts fan, Ande picked the NFL over college football. Also, her favorite cartoon growing up was Scooby-Doo. She says she is a night person rather than a morning person, which could be related to her choice of The Dark Knight, Batman, over Superman.


Ande prefer’s Chick-Fil-A over Zaxby’s, BK over Mickey D’s and Mexican food over Italian.

Last but not least, her walk-out song….Oohh Ahh by The Grits. Take a listen and stay tuned later this week for another staff feature!


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