New to the Mix – Alden Treadway Staff Feature

This offseason, the G-Braves have brought in eight new staff members. To get fans more acclimated to the recently added staff, we will be having weekly staff features here on the blog. The next newbie is Account Executive, Alden Treadway.

How did you end up with the G-Braves and what previous sports experience, if any, got you to the position you currently hold?

This is my first job in the sports industry. I previously worked in software sales in Nashville, TN. I saw this awesome opportunity to start a career in the sports industry and jumped on it!

As a new member of the staff, what are you looking forward to most when it comes to working for a new team?

I am most looking forward to working in a smaller environment, and taking the time to get to know everyone here at the Gwinnett Braves. I am also looking forward to learning the ins and outs of working for a sports team, and game days!

What is your dream job in sports and how does it compare to what you wanted to be as a kid?

My dream is to find my niche within the sports industry, and really excel at it. When I was a kid, I wanted to be something different everyday! My favorite day was when I decided I would be an astronaut.

We asked each new staff member a number of “This or That” questions to find out some things you might not figure out by just looking at the online staff bios.

“Backstreet Boys all the way” was Alden’s reaction to the N’ Sync & Backstreet question. WHen it comes to movies, The Sandlot is her all-time favorite, so it doesn’t seem like Goldberg and the Mighty Ducks stood much of a chance in that aspect of things. After admitting to dressing up as the red Power Ranger on various occasions, she picked the Putty Patrol fighting Power Rangers over the Ninja Turtles. If there was a TV Sitcom she could be a part of, it would be Friends while her favorite cartoon growing up was Road Runner. In the Adam Sandler movie question, she selected the penguin-hallucinating personality of Billy Madison over the high-tempered, Bob Barker fighting Happy Gilmore.

Alden is more of a night person than a morning person, which is good for the long hours of baseball season, or perhaps because she fights crime as she picked Superwoman as her favorite superhero over the Superman or Batman selection. I guess the question could be a little partial towards males when push comes to shove. If a movie was made of her life, Emma Stone would star as Alden Treadway in a comedy. She also prefers College Football (“Go Rebs”) over the NFL.

In the food portion of the quickfire, she doesn’t like McDonalds or Burger King but if she had to choose, it would be Micky D’s. Chick-Fil-A beat out Zaxby’s and she would pick Mexican everyday of the week over Italian food.

Her walk up song is surely a Bon Jovi favorite, so take a listen and stay tuned for our next staff feature! We have three to go!

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Welcome. See you at the 3rd base party deck.

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